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Doula service.


"There is no single path that is right for everyone. I am here to help you explore your options, to understand your choices, and to stand by you wholeheartedly." 



Here is where you get to know a bit more about me and I get to know you. I believe it is invaluable for you to connect and feel comfortable with the Doula you choose to be present at your birth. This is your baby's birth and it is so important that you surround yourself with people you trust and have a special connection with.

We will meet prenatally to develop your vision for your birth, answer questions and provide supplemental information, and help your partner (if you have one) learn how to support you, and additional topics.

During these visits I take time to get to know your family and how I can best support you. I will work together to build your preferences for birth and address questions about interventions, hospital/home birth/birth center protocol, and the physiology of labor and birth as we go. I will demonstrate and practice comfort measures and positions for labor with you (and your partner), and discuss how we'll work as a team both at home and at your birth place.

Your Birth

Once active labor has started I will be there for you. 

 I will be a source of emotional and physical support for you and your partner during labor

If you desire, I'm happy to take photos of your birth 


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